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The Story of the Well in Zhukwe

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

The dusty granite powder began to settle as the crew brought the drilling rig to a halt. Just a few hours ago the men had stopped the machine and were getting ready to quit. Nevertheless, a long day of constant hammering under our feet was done for now, but NO WATER.  

It was Friday morning at 6 AM and the diesel motor started again. “We have 3 meters left boss.” Already, many have been on the mountain since 4:30 a.m. crying as they were begging God to allow this hole to bring forth water. I was there too. I saw and heard one man in the distance talking with God as if it all all depended on him. What an experience!  What incredible faith and trust and reliance on the only One who could give water.

I saw the crew in a circle with hard hats off, heads bowed, and hands folded behind their backs; Bro. Lee was praying with them, and then he, weeping and praying, walked off to find a seat far off under a Mopane tree. The drill was turning slowly again and the dust of granite was reflecting rays of the African morning sun. Everyone was moving a little more carefully around the campsite. Then men began to gather between the church posts. We sat down on the benches we sat on the night before for church. EVERYONE WAS PRAYING.  The ladies left their cooking pots and filled up 2 or 3 benches in the back - some with hands folded, others with hands open toward Heaven.  

Just a few inches left. The ladies were now standing and praying. The prayers were now much louder with cries of desperation toward Heaven. My words are not sufficient to describe the scene, but I was there. Just inches left.

The hammering stopped - and then the drill stopped. As the last cloud of white dust drifted off, the ladies slowly sat down.

Everyone was still praying, but now with even much greater faith. “We will still serve Thee.”  (Dan. 3:18)

(This was one of the most spiritual times of my life, NO DOUBT.)

Abednego, the old African pastor, stood moments later to encourage us all: “God is good.  The Lord gives and the Lord takes, we must just bless the name of the Lord. We do not understand it now, but we will understand it later."

But something bigger happened in that well during those last inches of drilling. I’ll tell you, when I understand it better.


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