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Project Zhukwe Complete

Updated: Jan 10, 2020

Samaritan Servants International completed project Zhukwe - November 10 - 20, 2019.  11 men were responsible for completing the following work:

1. The building of a 30 x 50’ pavilion style church building

2. The drilling of a water well

3. The teaching of daily discipleship and leadership classes

4. Conducting student outreach programs at 6 local schools

5. Ministering to 6 church congregations 

6. The distribution of food to communities in 4 distinct areas

7. The distribution of Bibles in the local Ndebele Language 

8. AND leading evening services 

Similar to the building built for Cornerstone Baptist Church at Stanmore, Zimbabwe, the Zukwe church building was completed successfully. An additional structure was added on the last day that could serve as a children’s gathering place or food service area. The building was dedicated and handed over to the pastor and people on November 20th.

While the water well did not produce the water volume to justify a pump at this time, we are hopeful that the water level will rise in the near future.  Fortunately, another water source is still available to the community.

At the Cornerstone Baptist Church we followed up on leadership training done 2 years ago.  We were delighted to find the same 12 men back in the class plus many others.  This church is doing phenomenally! Pastor Moffat Moyo, with whom we correspond weekly, is doing a fine job of pastoring this congregation.

Doctrinal and leadership classes were also conducted in Bulawayo with pastors and leaders from 3 churches attending. Of course, we asked for at least 12 men to attend classes at Zhukwe. These men were so responsive and teachable.  

Nightly church services were conducted. These times were Spirit-filled and a joy to be a part of.  

Bibles in the native tongue of Ndebele were distributed at the various teaching venues as well as at schools. 

We developed a new program for outreach in the schools.  This included meetings with the principals and teachers, then introductions from class to class.  Our men were able to spend time with the students at recess as well as at general assemblies.  We fed lunch to every student each day.  Most of these students go all day without eating.  We are exited about further developing our school and student outreach.

Lastly, we were able to purchase staple food in large quantities and distribute these provisions at 4 planned locations.  More than 600 people were gathered at one location to receive food.  We are thankful for every $1 that was given towards this effort.  How we hope to do more!

The concept of these projects, with its many facets, has proven to be the way forward for SSI.   I wish that every Christian and person who contributed to these projects could experience the joy of returning to these areas where we ministered in the past.  The Bible comes alive, the acts of the apostles become so real, and the experience so eternally valuable.

We thank every person who has prayed and given. We hope you will partner with us again as we are already planning Project Mulobezi in Zambia. We are planning another potential project in Zimbabwe and have goals for India.

Again, thank you for partnering with us.


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