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National Sins

I asked a local pastor in Zimbabwe what he considered to be the national sins.  He answered me quickly: idolatry, corruption (greed), and fornication.

Would God be unjust if he were to judge a nation for such a condition?  How does God bring judgement to a nation?  What does it look like? How is it recognized?  Will God smite with a curse?



How can we help places and people like these? Are we obligated to help? I say YES and YES.

I am currently in a country in which a doctor earns a $180 salary under the socialized health care system.  School teachers earn less than $100 per month. The inflation rate exceeds 200%, the banks have no cash available for customers, the city water is shut of three days out of the week, hospitals have no medicine, and electricity is turned on and off without notice.

Again I ask, are we required to help?

We point to three effective ways that you become part of the solution:  1. Pray for the suffering and for those on mission to help. 2. Donate to make more SSI projects possible.  3. Share about ongoing SSI projects. (use the buttons below)

God bless you and remember...#itsaboutpeople.


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