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Go Quickly!

I am acquainted with the work of the Alert Academy and other disaster relief organizations and ministries. I admire their work and especially the way they respond quickly to needs. Natural disaster rescue and relief efforts brings out the best in humanity. I remember our church providing rescue assistance during and after Hurricane Katrina and then a year later opening our church up for Hurricane Rita evacuees. Responding quickly makes the difference.

When acting out the Lord’s mandate to go into all the world with the Gospel, I believe we need to respond quickly.  Sometimes the time between the plea: “Come and help us”, and our response, is not quick enough.  

SSI has a goal to go out quickly and effectively.  We send our teams ready and equipped to have lasting impact.  12 Men can do more in 12 days than 1 man can do in a year or even years.  2 Administrators, 2 Evangelists, 2 Teachers, 2 Builders, 2 Youth Workers, and 2 Musicians would be the near perfect team.  In the future we hope to add nurses and physicians as well.

What about you? Has God given you margin in your life to extend help to those in need? Whether it be your time, talents, or resources, we welcome it as we seek to relieve suffering where it is worst. Visit our website and fill out a volunteer form if you feel lead, and you have the margin to partner with us. As the Lord allows our donations to increase and needs to become known, we hope to be able to deploy multiple teams on multiple projects each year. God bless you and remember...#itsaboutpeople.


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