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Project Mulobezi

Cornerstone Baptist Church - Stanmore


SSI has worked with Ps. Moyo for several years. He and his family have lovingly lead the church which is located in a very difficult area. He lives in a humble traditional African-style home far from the city. A well was successfully added (donated by one of our board members and his wife) near his home, and a church building was built by an SSI team a year later. When funds are directed to Ps. Moyo, he serves his people with every dime we send. The drought and consequential food shortage has placed a large burden on this man and his church. Please join us in resourcing this local pastor to love and lead well.   

Know a people or region who needs help?

Project Profile:

Local Partner: Cornerstone Baptist Church of Stanmore, Zimbabwe

Country: Zimbabwe, Africa  

Local Contact: Pastor Moyo

Funds Needed: $500

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